The Gothic Castle

Exterior Photos

A Courtly Decadent Castle

Location: Yonkers NY (20 minutes from Manhattan)

Property can be used for: Film and Photo Shoots only

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I’m a castle-a-holic. I have seen, and even slept in, many of the most beautiful castles and palaces in the world, and this one is similar to many of them, except for one fact: it is here, so close to New York City! Each room is so stunning, brilliant, and fabulous that one cannot possibly believe that the next room could be even better…but it is.

Square footage: 6,000 interior, 1 acre of stepped landscaping (Ballroom, music room, Turkish room, boudoir, tower room, chapel, conservatory, observatory, billiard room, loft room, entry hall, kitchen and more.)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures

  • Parking on the property and street for trailers and cars

  • Grotto, fountains, statuary