The Modernish

The Modernish is a two-story brick home set on a tree-lined suburban street. Two architects live here, which means the interior design choices are excellent. The furniture and décor are stylish and modern, and the kitchen is sleek and cleanly designed.

Square footage: 2,500


  • Full kitchen
  • Garage with driveway
  • Free parking on the street
  • Suburban yard
  • A child’s room and toys

The Hansel and Gretel Victorian

Enter this pretty gingerbread cottage-mansion and be drawn deeper inside by its perfumed scent. Once inside, a perfectly frightening bear-skin rug and a variety of taxidermy fauna greet you. Children best stay away from the brick fireplace hearth! Perfectly period-dressed mannequins, musical chairs, antiques, and statuary draw you in deeper. A tiny child’s corset is laid upon a small, pretty bed while music box dolls animate to dance for arriving guests. I half expected to find Miss Havisham pining away in a corner upstairs but instead I found sun poring through gothic-arched windows and shedding light upon dreamy bedrooms and hallways.

Square footage: 3,500 interior, 1/3 acre (Great room, parlor, dining room, music room, library, kitchen, master bedroom, child’s bedroom, sewing room, bathrooms, attic)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Parking on the property and street for trailers and cars
  • A pretty yard with the home set back a good distance from the street