The Yellow Colonial

This 1737 roadside colonial with its decrepit barn, stacks of firewood, brook, and small waterfall is perfect for a period piece. The house is gently worn yet its traditional architecture is still intact. The barn, with green vines creeping all over it, has a small brook that runs underneath.

Square footage: 3,700 interior, 2 acres (Main house: Living room, parlor, den, dining room, sunroom, kitchen, bedrooms, art studio, bathrooms, attic; Outbuildings: Barn, Workshop)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • The barn is available for use
  • Parking available on the grounds for trailers, trucks and cars
  • A boat
  • 6 fireplaces
  • Allows overnights for longer shoots.

The Hudson River Mansion

While attending a pig roast at The Hudson River Mansion, I snooped around and was mesmerized by its dusty grandeur. Some of the rooms are pristine, such as the paneled octagonal library filled with old books and manuscripts. Others are worse for the wear from water damage or halted repairs, yet they retain a faded beauty. Tapestries, old paintings, heavily carved furniture, and intricate antique wallpapers abound in this stunning abode. The breathtaking grounds are immense and feature rolling hills, fields, forests, streams, rustic trails, long country roads, a riverfront beach, a tiny island, railroad tracks, and sunsets that defined the Hudson River School of painting.

Square footage: 22,000 interior, 450 acres (Main house: Great hall, library, 3 parlors, dining room, 2 kitchens, music room, bedrooms, tower room; Outbuildings: barn, stable, 2 guest houses, sheds, windmill and much more)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Wireless access
  • Parking on the property and street for trailers and cars
  • Immense grounds and outbuildings
  • Farm equipment and heavy machinery are available to use for an additional fee
  • Airport nearby