The Manhattan Townhouse

This brick Federal-style townhouse opens up to a swirling ornate staircase that appears infinite. The townhouse features creamy paneled walls, fireplaces in almost every room, pocket doors, ornate columns, and a working antique elevator with a metal gate. All of the soaring windows have delightful built-in antique shutters. There are two large, modern, chef-style kitchens and one galley kitchen. At the top of this six-story manse there is a uber-modern penthouse apartment with a patio, balcony, and a roof deck planted with grass, trees and flowers. The view from the roof is out of this world.

Square footage: 12,000 (Bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, three chef-style kitchens, bathrooms, study, roof deck, finished basement, small back deck, penthouse patio)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Small elevator
  • Skylights

The Natural History Museum

Founded in 1881, New York City’s only general interest museum explores the arts, natural sciences, and local history through permanent and changing exhibitions and welcomes over 65,000 adults and school children to a comprehensive array of programs. Located just two blocks from the Ferry Terminal, visitors can embark on a voyage through time in the Staten Island Ferry exhibit, get close to exotic insects, see rocks glow in the dark along with oddities in the Hall of Natural Sciences and experience the life of Staten Island’s first inhabitants, the Lenape. I know this fantastic museum well; I had a solo art exhibit there. – CvB

Square footage: 4,000 interior, with a pretty, small park-like fenced-in garden.


  • The props and furniture in the pictures may be available for use, the art may require special clearances and restrictions
  • Parking on the grounds, street, and in a nearby lot for trailers and cars

The Balcony Building

This imposing Greek Revival building looks like a bank, city office, courthouse, or college building. Currently, it houses a dusty, dark museum. The decorative paintings on the balcony walls are nautical in content. The first floor is a stately museum with large gallery rooms filled with historical portraits, vases, and ephemera. The second floor has many decrepit rooms with peeling paint and water damage. There are separate rooms filled to the brim with Christmas decorations, art, knick-knacks, clothing, old filing cabinets, old wooden chairs, and a shower stall.

Square footage: 5,000 interior, 83 acres


  • Some of the props and furniture in the pictures may be available for use, the art may require special clearances and restrictions
  • Parking on the grounds for trailers and cars

The Church Gallery

This former urban church is now a white, sleek art gallery. The gallery has soaring ceilings, detailed moldings, hardwood floors, and even a hip basement lounge room with rustic stone walls.

Square footage: 3,000, 15 foot ceilings on the 1st floor, 20 foot ceilings on the 2nd floor


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures (some art use may require permissions)
  • 3 bathrooms
  • kitchenette
  • 300 watt state-of-the-art sound system,
  • Street-level stand alone building
  • 200 person limit for events

The Gotham Loft

This is a handsome Manhattan loft that also looks and feels like a cozy home. It is large and lofty, yet it has architectural touches more frequently associated with houses, like a grand cherry wood staircase, classic fireplace mantle, comfy leather armchairs, and rustic wide plank oak floors. This loft can be rented in conjunction with “The Penthouse Loft,” which is upstairs in the same building. The windows face South, West and North. There is access to a roof deck with incredible views of the Empire State Building and the Manhattan skyline.

Square footage: 4,500 (or 9,000 square feet if rented with the The Penthouse Loft which is separated by an elegant staircase — request the fee to rent both spaces and/or the roof in addition to this loft).


  • 150 person limit for events
  • band and DJS are fine, no sound limitations
  • Full kitchen for catering
  • Elevator direct to loft
  • I-pod ready stereo
  • Folding tables (Three 6’ )
  • Also included is the furniture you see on the website, most of which are easily movable.
  • Rolling racks (Two with about 20 hangers each)
  • Extension cords (Six, various lengths)
  • Roof usage available for a separate fee
  • Apple boxes  (Four Full size, Four 1/2 & Four 1/4)
  • Four V flats  (1/2” B & W Foam Core)
  • Sand bags  (Six)
  • Auto poles & cross bars  (1 set w/ clamps & J hooks)
  • Camera cart
  • Steamer
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Freight elevator
  • Client hires their own caterer

The Gothic Castle

I’m a castle-a-holic. I have seen, and even slept in, many of the most beautiful castles and palaces in the world, and this one is similar to many of them, except for one fact: it is here, so close to New York City! Each room is so stunning, brilliant, and fabulous that one cannot possibly believe that the next room could be even better…but it is.

Square footage: 6,000 interior, 1 acre of stepped landscaping (Ballroom, music room, Turkish room, boudoir, tower room, chapel, conservatory, observatory, billiard room, loft room, entry hall, kitchen and more.)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Parking on the property and street for trailers and cars
  • Grotto, fountains, statuary


The Arabesque Victorian

Geometric patterns mimicking nature appear everywhere in this gorgeous Victorian manse. In the archways, the pediments, tower, woodwork, and especially in the magnificent stained glass. Islamic features are present throughout its design but there is also a Germanic influence in the stained glass. Sitting high upon a hill, the house has splendid water views from many windows. The attic features a creepy, coffin-shaped tunnel to the tower.

Square footage: 4,500 interior, 1/3 acre (24 rooms with 6 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, 6 fireplaces, 24 stained glass windows)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Parking on the property and street for trailers and cars
  • A pretty yard with intricate stone paths, a pond, and a stone well
  • An antique garage

Stately Manor

The exterior of this house is unusually handsome and masculine for a Victorian, with bold lines, rounded walls, and muted colors. The interior, with its grand, staircase, built-in window seats, stained-glass windows, clawfoot tubs, and ornate fireplaces, is more traditional Victorian fare. The furniture is also Victorian, but there are some more modern 1950s pieces thrown in here and there. This house is filled to the brim with knick-knacks, art and glassware. There is a long outdoor terrace that runs along the back of the house to showcase the view of Manhattan and the water… and speaking of the view, it speaks for itself.

Square footage: 4,500


  • Full kitchen
  • Driveway
  • Free parking on the street
  • Yard
  • Large terrace


The Great Gatsby Mansion

I drove by this stucco and terra cotta mansion one day in 2006. It was for sale, so I drove my car through its circular drive and parked. As I sat in my car I was reminded of the house in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece. I imagined I was a guest arriving for a grand party in a 1928 Rolls Royce Ascot Tourer. I nicknamed the house The Great Gatsby after that. Since then I have spent some time in the home. It boasts a ballroom sized parlor, shiny parquet floors, pocket doors, grand fireplaces, beamed ceilings, a handsome dark wood staircase, and jawdropping views of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and the New York City harbor.

Square footage: 15,000


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Water views

Fort Hill Castle

Fort Hill was a British fort during the revolutionary war. While some of the tunnels and munitions are still buried in the hill, the fort no longer stands. In the late twenties, another fort-like structure was built as a home, Fort Hill Castle. This unique urban Mediterranean villa was commissioned by the original owners to resemble a specific castle in Spain. The garden, in full bloom from April through October, features a small pond, 112 varieties of flowering plant and flower, fountains, and statuary. Most of the interior walls in the home are currently painted white.

Square footage: 3,500 interior, 1/3 acre of land (Living room, dining room, sunroom, kitchen, bedrooms, art studio, 4 full bathrooms, powder room, library, billiard room, tower room, laundry room, bar room, 2 car garage)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Parking in the garage and driveway for trailers, trucks and cars, free on street parking
  • Gazebo (cover available for outdoor catering), 2 outdoor fireplaces