The White Brick Victorian

This lovely old home is set in a park. The paint is peeling on the interior and exterior, a nice contrast to the sumptuous beauty of the tall, elegant windows. There is a lovely garden and a pond behind the property. The house is also near another, larger pond.

Square footage: 3,500 interior, (Hall, parlor, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, finished attic)


  • Unfurnished
  • Finished attic with a bathroom can be used for hair and makeup
  • Parking on the grounds for trailers and cars
  • Garden, pond

The Gothic Castle

I’m a castle-a-holic. I have seen, and even slept in, many of the most beautiful castles and palaces in the world, and this one is similar to many of them, except for one fact: it is here, so close to New York City! Each room is so stunning, brilliant, and fabulous that one cannot possibly believe that the next room could be even better…but it is.

Square footage: 6,000 interior, 1 acre of stepped landscaping (Ballroom, music room, Turkish room, boudoir, tower room, chapel, conservatory, observatory, billiard room, loft room, entry hall, kitchen and more.)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Parking on the property and street for trailers and cars
  • Grotto, fountains, statuary


Fort Hill Castle

Fort Hill was a British fort during the revolutionary war. While some of the tunnels and munitions are still buried in the hill, the fort no longer stands. In the late twenties, another fort-like structure was built as a home, Fort Hill Castle. This unique urban Mediterranean villa was commissioned by the original owners to resemble a specific castle in Spain. The garden, in full bloom from April through October, features a small pond, 112 varieties of flowering plant and flower, fountains, and statuary. Most of the interior walls in the home are currently painted white.

Square footage: 3,500 interior, 1/3 acre of land (Living room, dining room, sunroom, kitchen, bedrooms, art studio, 4 full bathrooms, powder room, library, billiard room, tower room, laundry room, bar room, 2 car garage)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Parking in the garage and driveway for trailers, trucks and cars, free on street parking
  • Gazebo (cover available for outdoor catering), 2 outdoor fireplaces

The Old San Juan Villa

A stunning fifty-two room mansion. The ancient villa sits high on the Old City’s North Wall with stunning Atlantic Ocean views and breezes. Created by joining six interconnecting townhouses, the villa houses an artist and her life’s work in painting and sculpture. The magnificently decaying stone and plaster walls harken back to a time when pirates looted and pillaged in the Caribbean. The villa features brick patios, antique arches, ausubo beams, private stone nooks, a sunken open-air waterfall pool, and a multitude of sculpted fountains. Nineteen gardens and five active art studios are tucked away between twenty-two beautifully appointed guest rooms. A Venetian-style music room houses a grand piano.

Square footage: 23,000 (Fifty two room mansion)


  • Furniture, artwork and props as seen in the pictures
  • Grand piano
  • Pool
  • Fountians
  • Gardens
  • Roof decks
  • Ocean views